Fairweather Friends

by The Horde and the Harem

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The 'Fairweather Friends' EP was recorded almost completely live in the bands rehearsal space in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, WA.


released April 12, 2014

Produced by Ryan Barber and Sam Eliot
Mixed by Dave Middleton and Sam Eliot at Dock Studios in Sacramento CA Mastered by Chris Vita at Vita Mastering in Portland, OR

The fine folks included in the recording sessions were:
Ryan Barber, Geoff Kirkby Tatro, Hanna Stevens, Sam Eliot, Jesse Skorupa, Justin Ellenson



all rights reserved


The Horde and the Harem Seattle, Washington

The Horde and the Harem is an indie folk-rock band whose whimsical, upbeat music perfectly matches their mystical, creative music videos. Throughout the years, the band has seen a few changes but some things remain constant – devotion to their craft as musicians and a lust for creation. ... more

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Track Name: Robbery
Oh boys, what have you done?
You took the light from the front porch, then you run
You can peck, but you’ll never get through
Old fox gonna outsmart the likes of you

You’re misunderstood
I know you go out in the woods
You’re telling a story so you can swim
I’ve see the fox wearing your skin

Oh boys, it’s a beautiful day
Young at heart, they are careless
Make a great escape
You can dream, now, a dream for me
Old fox took the light so he could see

You’re misunderstood
I know you go out in the woods
You’re telling a story so you can swim
I’ve see the fox wearing your skin, hanging by a thread
He was half dead when you let him in to rest his weary head

I want you to sleep with one eye open
I want you
Track Name: Shiver
The cabinet maker's hands are strong and steady
His father's father's brother learned the trade
Although he wishes he could make sweet music,
there are mouths to feed and bills that must be paid

The day is long, the work, it never ends
He lives inside a dream that will haunt him to the end
And when the children sleep they hear music in the air
He must rest his tired mind. His hands show signs of wear

And when he lays his weary head to rest
there are colors in his nest

Tell me, do you shiver in the morning?
Tell me, do your hands hurt in the evening?
Someone else is living in your thoughts
Your dreams are not forgotten
They're just lost

I feel you, but I wandered on
I'm sorry I pulled the alarm

He washed his face and put his clothes away
He walks the house in endless misery
But the children know, when they hear music in the hall
they must listen close
It's the man who lost his heart

I know you will shiver from the start
You say it's just a warning
I know you suffer from a broken heart
You say it's just a warning
Track Name: Magician's Hat
It’s not the means to an end
More of how to walk so that we never forget that we could stand
Lord, help me dig to not pretend to be an ordinary man

All my friends have gathered
Yes, my friends are few, but true, and I am older
Tell me there’s a rabbit
A magician’s hat I’m wearing when I hold her

Maps hold all the places that I told her
All my social graces, they have smoldered
Baby, put the fire out
Let’s grow cold

Come on, lay me down
Someone left the light on
Love’s not just a border in this house

Baby, put the fire out
Let’s go home
Track Name: Salutations
We’ve been up all night screaming at the moon
All we ask is to be heard
Distant memories have burned
Only distract us from the holiday we yearn for

The more I see, the more I saw
The more I don’t know anything at all
Play me like a ritual, I’m a rag doll on the ground
Here I wait for kisses and I make these little sounds

If you believe in kindness
And I believe in explosions from my hands
Let us build this house together
Call it wonderful, call it fellowship
Every good house that’s built has a hole
Every good house that’s built has a soul

We’ve been up all night howling at the moon
Put it on the shelf
Salutations to your health
You deserve a nice cup of wine
You are now a good friend of mine
Track Name: Fairweather Friends
Oh, the storm it won’t hold its breath for long
You are mine, I am yours
How could I be wrong?

Let us all run into the old house
We are waiting there for you
We lied and told them it was all safe
We can’t promise this to you

They walk in through the door
A fragrance you adored when you were young
Had to hold your tongue
Repeat, your feet don’t miss a beat
You stop to catch your breath and then it’s gone
No rhythm, there’s no song

Oh, fairweather friends, you still belong
Are you curious?
Oh, fairweather friends, the sun is out and we will laugh again

You are mine, fairweather friends
We’re just fine, fairweather friends
Here are my fairweather friends
You’re just fine, fairweather friends
You are mine
Track Name: A Girl He Once Knew
He whispers to the world, shy and coy
About a girl he once knew and a love so pure and true
Castaway, I beg your pardon
You were once where I was, lost in your mind in a haze called love

Take it slow
If you’re gonna turn, well then, turn me on
Honestly, what you gonna do? You gonna do me wrong?
Oh, how I try
Some things must die

Impressive are your intentions
schemes and caresses have all but satisfied my foolish pride and the child inside
We wait for no one
A church without strings and the bell never rings
Sunday morning, wake up empty

We comb for reasons why, to understand the origin
Two birds in one hand while we long for the one that ran

Sometimes this bird, it must fly to the sea